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Darrell Michael


Licensed Master HairStylist - Film & Production HairStylist - Hair Loss Specialist - Wig Maker 

- Work Published In VOGUE x2, PaperMag And NY TIMES -

             My  Name is Darrell Michael,  I am an amazing and talented  hairstylist who has been doing hair for over 10 yrs. I am a creative passion driven hairstylist. Since I was young I have had an interest in the art of hair. My services help clients feel beautiful and boost self-confidence. I am blessed to have a very diverse clientele but also over the years have adapted  a love for helping clients who suffer from hair loss and/or alopecia. I also over the years have focused on growing my client's strong healthy hair. My passion is driven by determination and the love of making people feel beautiful and helping rebuild self confidence. My vision for the future  is to become a Black Owned American based Hair Distribution Factor. One day I hope to impact the hair distribution industry and change the standards of the hair distribution game.

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